Little Animals is a brewery dedicated to producing high quality mixed fermentation/farmhouse/sour ales through an extensive barrel aging program as well as clean ales and lagers. Coming to Downtown Johnson City late 2019-early 2020!


Little Animals Brewery represents the fruition of a plan that was set into motion over 5 years ago. As  homebrewers with a passion for sour and funky beer, we dreamed of opening a brewery focusing on mixed fermentation/farmhouse styles. At the time it seemed like just a pipe dream, but we were able to get a foot in the door through opening The Edisionian Brew Shop. This gave us the opportunity to focus solely on advancing our brewing knowledge while making connections and friendships in our community.

Three years after opening the brew supply shop, we moved into our new home at 324 E Main and began renovating. The name of the brewery is derived from the archaic word for microorganism “animalcule”, which translates to “little animal”. Given our love affair for the yeast and bacteria we use to make beer, we felt it was a fitting name! We will be working with a 3.5 barrel system, and will be producing barrel aged mixed fermentation/sour/funky beers, as well as kick ass clean beers! 


We may be working hard to get the brewery up and running but if you have any questions or comments we would love to hear them.

Email: littleanimalsbrewery@gmail.com